confirming… my oc’s colors ^__^;; luin’s was really important to me because I was always confused of his colors from the start p much but it’s good now i’m rly satisfied

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blah filtered and unfiltered versions of my chara since i need a reference for his colors to keep consistent yells ..

also lower r rly bad rp excerpts HGFHGF basically him telling a joke 2 his crush and his brother ^__^;; (who literally crushes him later bc no homo but w/e yolo)

throws self to bed

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been giving this guy lots of attention lately

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my RO OC YELLS i have many but uno whatevs

i like drawing him and his friend, i rarely self ship but I think it’s easier on me cuz she s dead lol (YELLS) he’s gay but if she was alive he’d make an exception for her only bc they’re really close and they grew up together so they have a very very special bond … last pic is present time and he cried while thinking about her and his fam while talking to his guild leader yells

or it could be him riding dick (NSFW) we just don’t know

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my mastersmith babyyy wtf wtf glad i saved the whole thing before my computer overheated

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remember that time luin got fuckin smashed and kissed joy

WTF WTF HFGHGFGFH WOW IT’S SO GOOD AND SHOUJO LOOOOOOL SCREAMS … . it was then luin wished his horns were big enough to make some space between him and the floor 5 seconds after oww

UGH IT’S SO GOOD IT’S SO GOOD LMAO THAT FEATHER PERSPECTIVE hFGHGFHGFH everyone b witness at their wedding plz . . …

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AHAHA I’M DYINGGGG started character twitters with my friends. this is luin’s!!

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what if luin was an assassin cross

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"I’ll always protect you."

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Luin doodles before I go to bed uwaa… tired… I TRY 2 DRAWWWWW

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